AEZ Germany
We are co-operating with this customer, from the beginning of the light alloy wheel production in 1996. We develop and create non conventionel solutions together.
ALCOA Hungary
The co-operation did start in 1999 with the development of a new type of CNC V-lathe for the machining of truck light alloy wheels.
Brötje Germany
In connection with Messrs. Schalch as a supplier of production systems, we supplied eccentric presses for parts of heating radiators.
BBS Germany
Since beginning of the 70th, there is a close co-operation with this wellknown light alloy wheel producer. We sold machines also for international projects to BBS.
Borbet Group Germany
South Africa
Since more than 30 years we have a very close co-operation with the Borbet group, meanwhile in the second generation. Since 1978 we sold great numbers of CNC V-lathes, to all production plants of this international leader in production of light alloy wheels.
Bruchmann +
Buchenauer Germany
MWe are seller and buyer to this middle class size company, we sold CNC V-lathes and buy special tools.
Brugmann Netherlands
For the production of heating radiators we sold eccentric presses to Brugmann via Messrs. Schalch.
Dalheimer Germany
We supplied our first machine to Dalheimer in 1975, we sold a big CNC V-lathe for the machining of rope drums.
Dia-therm Germany
We sold to this producer of heating radiators, via Messrs. Schalch, eccentric presses.
Hayes Lemmerz
We supplied light alloy wheel measuring machines to both plants.
Many years ago we sold eccentric presses for heating radiator production, in connection with Messrs. Schalch.
KS Kolbenschmidt Germany
Since many years we have a successful co-operation with the sold special V-lathes.
Liebherr Germany
A world wide wellknown company, uses for the production of their parts, two by us sold 4-axis CNC V-lathes with C-axis and pallet table.
MEFRO Germany
This company is the successor of the wellknown Mannesmann Kronprinz, to whom we sold CNC V-lathes for truck steel wheel production.
MTU Germany
We sold couple of years ago the first CNC V-lathe for high sophisticated turbine parts. The second machine we sold, because of the very good performance of the first supplied machine.
Otto Fuchs Germany Hungary
About 20 years ago we sold the first CNC V-lathes for light alloy wheel production to Meinerzhagen and in the follwing years also to the plant in Hungary.
RMA Germany
We sold to RMA a GOVONI plant a shaving conveying system for the whole production aria.
Czech Republik
We sold the first CNC V-lathes in 1998 for the production of light alloy wheels to this international well known company. All plants got from us measuring machines for light alloy wheels.
Schalch Switzerland
The company is a system supplier for press lines for heating radiators. We are co-operating since more than 20 years in a very successful way.
Schrader Germany
As a producer of glass molds, he uses CNC V-lathes with pallet table for the production, all this machines are sold by us.
SKAD Russia
A big sub supplier for the automotiv industry, who got from us a measuring machine for light alloy wheels.
SKF Austria
More than 20 years ago we sold the first CNC V-lathe with pallet table for the production of ball bearings. The lathe is still good performing.
Thun Germany
As a sub supplier of automotiv parts, he is using a CNC V-lathe, sold by us.
Uniwheels Germany
We are co-operating since many years, with this important producer of light alloy wheels, with continuous growing production. The trust into our competence for clever solutions, the perfect service and spare part supply combined a long term business relation. CNC V-lathes as well as GOVONI shavings conveying system and light alloy wheels measuring machine we sold to this customer.